Monday, February 9, 2015

Be Mine!

It's Valentines week and that means one special word -L.O.V.E. I can't say that I'm all too excited about this holiday and neither are two of my three roommates. However, there is one roommate who just loves this season. I mean we are talking hearts everywhere. EVERYWHERE! And though I don't understand, I love her and me and my fellow love haters will be making this holiday as great as she wants. That's what it's really about anyway. It doesn't mean dwell on the fact that you are single, if you are, or making sure that the huge gesture you have planned for your significant other goes off without a hitch. It is about the people you love everyday in every way. My roommates, my best friends, and my family. I love them and these wonderful people are what I will focus on this Saturday and I will try to make the day as LOVE-ly as my roommate believes it will be, and we will believe it too. Especially Me!