Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sorority Girl!

This year I have joined the Christian sorority on campus Sigma Phi Lambda and I am in love with it. It has been such a wonderful change in me and it makes me stronger in my faith. However there is one negative. It has added a distraction to my long list for finals. That distraction is more specifically my little. We wont have new members until next semester but all I can think about is what to get her. and I don't even know who she is. This blog is the first to a series. There will be a new aspect to your big/little musts every week. This week I will discuss three things. The reveal sign, the container for the presents, and the food. Food is really quite simple. Find out her favorite candy and maybe her favorite snack. Then get a bunch of it for her. The next thing is the poster. Find a similar like or hobby that you both have and find a cute way to combine them so she will know. I know that my big and I love Disney so for my sign she put my monogram in a big Minnie head with a Disney quote around it. It was sparkly and just the best. Then there is the container that everything but the sign will go in. Be sure to bring out your crafty side. Think sorority colors or her favorite colors. Remember that it is all about her not you. You can do some of her favorite objects or the sororities flower or mascot. Remember to put your letters and make it cute. I am going to do a rectangle box and call it her memory box. On the outside rim of the lid I am going to paint "Little Memories can Last a Life Time. Love Malan." on the top of the lid I am going to do our letters really big and then fade her name in cursive over them. I haven't quite decided on weather or not I want to do her favorite colors or the sororities but I think it will be an easier decision when I know who she is.So there you have it. The first three things on my list for my little. I know we are all stressed for finals, Especially Me! But I hope this is a good break. Look out for more posts.