Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I Wore to Work

So I came home yesterday and there was a surprise from my mom hanging on my door. It was a brand new dress she had gotten on sale. It is so different and interesting and I love it. I decided to wear it to work today and have gotten so many compliments. Even from people who I don't know.

I am an intern at TTi and that usually means I pick up a big lunch order about three to four times a week. Today I went to Panera. I was sitting there working on my book and a lady came up right behind me and just said, "Your dress is so pretty. I saw you walk in and I just had to tell you." So I thought I would share this with y'all as well. Here is the basis of my outfit today.

 I paired the dress with these plain black, ankle-strap shoes. The dress's shape is pretty classic, so I thought a classic shoe. I also didn't do a whole lot with my hair. I pulled it half up and didn't wear any jewelry. Partly because I don't have black earrings and partly because the pieces of jewelry I do have that are black would have been too much.

Like all girls, it is always a joy to get a compliment and I am having such a good day because of it. Give someone a compliment no matter how small and make them smile. Have a wonderfully blessed Tuesday.

Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Make a Scarf Organizer!

So I have been browsing and browsing trying to figure out how I am going to better organize my scarves when I get back to Auburn and think I have made something pretty perfect for it. I currently have my scarves all just on one hanger and they fall off all the time and it is really annoying. So what I did is:
I bought some Shower curtain rings and then I laid them out the way I wanted them. If you use the whole pack you will have 12 slots for your scarves so plan accordingly. When I started to connect them I used the fact that they clip to my advantage and connected two at a time.
 Then I used tape to connect them all

together in the way I want. If you are a perfectionist I suggest covering them after with a ribbon or yard. Or you could even connect them with hot glue. I just like to do things quick and plus no one's really going to see this but my scarves so I'm not too concerned about it.
Then I took this really tiny hanger we have laying around and connected the shower curtain rings to it. I used this hanger because it is so small that you can't even hang clothes on it. I don't really know why anyone would have a hanger this tiny, but it came in handy for me. This is what the ending project looked like and I can't wait to modify my scarf organization when I get back. Hope this gave you an idea for yourself what you could do. Let me know if there is anything that you want me to try first and help you out. I love trying new ideas. 
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ten Binge-Watching Favorites!

These are ten of my  favorite shows to binge watch, and it might surprise you that Netflix isn't my go to site. I use Hulu, HBOgo, and even YouTube. Some of these are older and some of these are still on the air. These are just a few of my selections and where to find them. There is a variety of genres, eras, and styles, so let's get started.
1. Entourage (HBO) It's definitely a bro show but I love it. The characters so perfect together.
2. Reign (Netflix) Historical fiction but done so well. This is a show to watch if you like fashion because the clothes are incredible.
3. Gossip Girl (Netflix) This is a fun girly show to watch that has a little bit f everything for our generation.
4. 21 Jump Street the TV show (Hulu) A lot of people don't know that there is a tv show that was made in the 80's and it star Johnny Depp. It's great please watch it.
5. Game of Thrones (HBO) Another bro show but so entertaining. It is very thrilling.
6. House of Cards (Netflix) This show is one of those shows that makes you think about America.
7. Sabrina The Teenage Witch (YouTube) This is another fun girly show but it's magically classic.
8. Friends (Netflix) Another classic that needs to be watched if you never have. For everyone.
9. Once Upon a Time (Netflix) If you love Disney this show takes it to another level. It's great.
10. Doctor Who (Netflix) You may have to be a nerd to watch this show, but if you do and you are than be proud of it because you would be surprised at the Whovians all around you. Embrace it.
BONUS: Underrated Unknown Movies!
Love and Honor, Magic Beyond Words:The J.K. Rowling Story, Chalet Girl (Netflix)
These are a few movies that I randomly found and took a chance on. I definitely recommend the J.K.Rowling Story if you are a Harry Potter fan. I could post many more and I probably will eventually but here are just a some shows and movies. I hope you enjoyed a little taste of what I like. Let me know what y'all like. I need some new shows/movies to occupy my time.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Ultimate Auburn Bucket List!

I am an Auburn Student and I have been going to the city of Auburn, with my family, my whole life. I have developed some ideas on what you have to do when in Auburn. This is the ultimate Auburn Bucket List!
1. Number one has to be experience pregame at Jordan-Hare Stadium. We have one of the greatest bands in the nation as well as an eagle who is happy fly around your head as the entire stadium erupts into a good ole fashioned "WAR EAGLE!” 

2.  If we win that game (we probably will, knock on wood) Roll Toomer's corner with us in celebration. This is a must.

3. Make sure to get a Toomer's lemonade while you're here. It's freshly squeezed right in front of you and they also have strawberry and vanilla lemonade. All of them are good.

4. And be sure NOT to step on the seal. Or risk not graduating in four years, or meeting the love of your life while at Auburn.

5. Take a picture with Aubie the Tiger, because he's just so lovable.

6. Experience an Auburn sunset. Sometimes it's like God is an Auburn fan.

7. Climb Foy if you can. It makes for great Pictures.
8. Be on Samford lawn at noon to hear the fight song played by the bells of Samford Hall.

9.Dance in the rain at Hickory Dickory Park. This was an accident, but it ended up being so much fun.

 10. Come to one of the many free concerts we have on campus. Yes, that is Nick Jonas.

11. Take an Artsy photo on the railroad tracks. This one was easy for me because I live five feet away from it.

12. Eno with your best friends at Kiesel Park.

 13. Walk on campus in the middle of the night. (Just don't do it alone)

 14. And of course, take a picture in front of the Auburn sign. This is me and my dad. He graduated from Auburn and now I am there. You could say I am a daddy's girl.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

What I Wore to Work Today

It’s about time I do an outfit post. I had planned to do this a lot once school starts, but I have gotten a few compliments on this outfit and wanted to share it. I wouldn’t say this is Business casual though I did wear it to work and got away with it. I love Peplum shirts because they are slimming and helps show off your curves.
I love pops of color so I took a white peplum shirt and some plain old jeans and added a little pop of color with the necklace and the shoes. The shoes are extremely comfortable because as an intern I do a lot of running around and try to avoid shoes that hurt my feet. The necklace is an orange and then a red-orange and of course I need orange jewelry for Auburn football games.
I also love wearing this top with my royal blue skinny jeans. I will show that outfit at another time. 
I only wish I had matching earrings too, but as Jackie Kennedy put it “Pearls are always appropriate.” This is so comfortable and makes me feel really pretty. Even if I am running around all day, which I can assure you that I am. If you want to anything more about the pieces I am wearing just let me know in the comments. This is my outfit today I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what your style is like.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Paddle!

                 I have mentioned before that I have joined a sorority at Auburn this past year and I love it. Sorority life, if done right, can be so much fun. I am very glad to find a place in Sigma Phi Lambda. We are a Christian Sorority and I am very proud of that. However, sense we aren’t PanHellenic we aren’t exactly like other sororities. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything, especially since all the reasons you would want to join a sorority are the same. It’s some of the little things like Paddles. We aren’t told to make paddles for our Bigs or for our Littles. They are not banned or anything, that’s just not one of our priorities. That’s fine by me because I made my own paddle just for me. No one had to guess what I would and would not like and it’s very personal to me. I love my paddle and I can’t wait to hang it up in my bedroom at my apartment.
                Some of you may have seen my jewelry box that I refurbished. The colors were Navy and White. Well, that’s also the theme of my paddle. Go figure. See this paddle is special to me because of all the hidden meanings. The flower is an abstract version of a magnolia. Magnolias are my favorite flower. Then there’s the Moon. I just love the moon and the calm blue light it sends out at night. In fact, I love these two things so much I wanted to call this blog Moonlight and Magnolias. However, there were about a million other blogs with that name so I morphed them and made it my own. “Moonie-Mag” was born (For those of you who were wondering how I got that).
                In the middle of the moon, you see two stars, and the one to the right is bigger than the one to the left. This is indeed a Peter Pan reference. It was and still is my favorite story outside of the Bible and I have always loved the Disney movie because you know, its Disney. I just always loved the thought of Neverland and it was a big part of my childhood.
                Anyway, on any good sorority paddle, you must have your letters. So mine are dead center, or as center as I could get them. My name is written in cursive over top of them and I have my school (War Eagle) on the handle. On the back,
I have my family tree. My Big, Me, and then my Little though I don’t know her name yet. I also have the number 43 on the back because it’s my lucky number.

 I got my paddle from Hobby Lobby (8$) along with the paint/paint pens (2$ each). I hope this gave you an interesting idea for a paddle, or maybe even helped you figure out your own idea for a paddle. Let me hear your paddle story! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Go to the Movies: Jurassic World

           I have a lot of thoughts about the latest installment of the Jurassic Park series. I've seen a few reviews of it that include ripping it to shreds due to it's use of C.G.I as well as the inaccuracies that are shown with the Dinosaurs. I think those articles are wrong. I think the reason that people are giving this such a hard time is because the series sequels haven't been the best and they just decided to write this one off from the beginning.
            Jurassic world was very well made. People give it a hard time because of C.G.I, but how else are you supposed to make creatures that don't exist look real. I know that the argument used in this case is to use puppets. However, I can't be sure, but there is a part where Chris Pratt is petting a Long Necked Dinosaur and you can see his hand hits every bump and wrinkle on the Dino's neck. This makes me believe there was some use of puppets.
           The other argument against this movie is that the Dinosaurs that are depicted are completely inaccurate and do not look like what they actually would have. My argument against this is that this movie is a Sci-Fi movie. Of course it's not accurate and even in the movie they explain that the only way for Jurassic world to exist is to mix the pure DNA of Dinosaurs with the DNA of other animals. This causes some changes in the make up of the Dinos on the island.
           All in all, this movie was terrifying in the best way and was enjoyably reminiscent of the first movie. There were many hidden references that will make a true fan even more excited. And who could hate the raptor squad. I hated raptors before this movie but they were just awesome. It was like watching a PG-13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Dinos. How does that not sound entertaining?
           Basically, I say that you should give this movie a chance because I think it will surprise you. I was skeptical at first too. When there is a sequel to one of your favorite series it should make you nervous. There's a lot that can go wrong and sequels don't have the best reputation. Still I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by this movie and I give it an 3.75 out 5 stars.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day All!

Happy Fathers Day All!
This post is a letter to my dad.
Dear dad,
         I want to say I am sorry for loosing my patience too easily and for staying in the hormonal teenage phase for almost seven years of my life. I really appreciate you and everything you have done for me. You have led me to the college I was destined to be at. You have guided me in a direction to interact with everyone in a kind and peaceful manner. You have really been a big influence on me even if I seem ungrateful for it. You have shown me great black and white movies and made me listen to the greatest music of all time.
         I am a lot like you dad, in a lot of way. I have your temper, your compassion, your need to make people smile, and probably most important, your nose. Thank you daddy for being my daddy! I Love You and Happy Fathers Day!
                                                           -Your daughter who is incredibly lucky to have you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Redo Your Kiddie Jewelry Box!

This is what I did to update this old thing from when I was in first grade. I picked white as the base because it is clean and classic. I also really love Navy as a classy color so I did all the details in that. Also, my brothers girlfriend got me a jewelry tray that is navy gold and white and it is so pretty, so I went with that theme. My monogram was free handed and it turned out                                             pretty well. I also added blue felt to the drawers:
This gives it a real jewelry box feel and helps to keep my jewelry safer. The last thing was the key hole. Just a final sweet touch to it. I love doing crafts and I will definitely post a lot of what I do. Some of it is stuff from the craziness of my brain. It's so crazy, I can't find any ideas on Pinterest sometimes. Let me know if there is anything y'all want to see. I am all for trying new things and giving people a list and/or a plan.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


So I have loved art sense I was very young and recently I have found some pictures on my phone that I meant to look artsie but I didn't really think they would. Well I have realized that I kind of liked them so I started a board on my pinterest for all of the random artsie-ish photos I have taken and will continue to take.My dad has this old Minolta camera that takes good ole fashioned film. That's fine. That cameras almost never been used and it was my Granny's. I'm really excited to explore my new eye for photography.