Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Paddle!

                 I have mentioned before that I have joined a sorority at Auburn this past year and I love it. Sorority life, if done right, can be so much fun. I am very glad to find a place in Sigma Phi Lambda. We are a Christian Sorority and I am very proud of that. However, sense we aren’t PanHellenic we aren’t exactly like other sororities. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything, especially since all the reasons you would want to join a sorority are the same. It’s some of the little things like Paddles. We aren’t told to make paddles for our Bigs or for our Littles. They are not banned or anything, that’s just not one of our priorities. That’s fine by me because I made my own paddle just for me. No one had to guess what I would and would not like and it’s very personal to me. I love my paddle and I can’t wait to hang it up in my bedroom at my apartment.
                Some of you may have seen my jewelry box that I refurbished. The colors were Navy and White. Well, that’s also the theme of my paddle. Go figure. See this paddle is special to me because of all the hidden meanings. The flower is an abstract version of a magnolia. Magnolias are my favorite flower. Then there’s the Moon. I just love the moon and the calm blue light it sends out at night. In fact, I love these two things so much I wanted to call this blog Moonlight and Magnolias. However, there were about a million other blogs with that name so I morphed them and made it my own. “Moonie-Mag” was born (For those of you who were wondering how I got that).
                In the middle of the moon, you see two stars, and the one to the right is bigger than the one to the left. This is indeed a Peter Pan reference. It was and still is my favorite story outside of the Bible and I have always loved the Disney movie because you know, its Disney. I just always loved the thought of Neverland and it was a big part of my childhood.
                Anyway, on any good sorority paddle, you must have your letters. So mine are dead center, or as center as I could get them. My name is written in cursive over top of them and I have my school (War Eagle) on the handle. On the back,
I have my family tree. My Big, Me, and then my Little though I don’t know her name yet. I also have the number 43 on the back because it’s my lucky number.

 I got my paddle from Hobby Lobby (8$) along with the paint/paint pens (2$ each). I hope this gave you an interesting idea for a paddle, or maybe even helped you figure out your own idea for a paddle. Let me hear your paddle story!