Saturday, June 20, 2015

Redo Your Kiddie Jewelry Box!

This is what I did to update this old thing from when I was in first grade. I picked white as the base because it is clean and classic. I also really love Navy as a classy color so I did all the details in that. Also, my brothers girlfriend got me a jewelry tray that is navy gold and white and it is so pretty, so I went with that theme. My monogram was free handed and it turned out                                             pretty well. I also added blue felt to the drawers:
This gives it a real jewelry box feel and helps to keep my jewelry safer. The last thing was the key hole. Just a final sweet touch to it. I love doing crafts and I will definitely post a lot of what I do. Some of it is stuff from the craziness of my brain. It's so crazy, I can't find any ideas on Pinterest sometimes. Let me know if there is anything y'all want to see. I am all for trying new things and giving people a list and/or a plan.