Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I Wore to Work

So I came home yesterday and there was a surprise from my mom hanging on my door. It was a brand new dress she had gotten on sale. It is so different and interesting and I love it. I decided to wear it to work today and have gotten so many compliments. Even from people who I don't know.

I am an intern at TTi and that usually means I pick up a big lunch order about three to four times a week. Today I went to Panera. I was sitting there working on my book and a lady came up right behind me and just said, "Your dress is so pretty. I saw you walk in and I just had to tell you." So I thought I would share this with y'all as well. Here is the basis of my outfit today.

 I paired the dress with these plain black, ankle-strap shoes. The dress's shape is pretty classic, so I thought a classic shoe. I also didn't do a whole lot with my hair. I pulled it half up and didn't wear any jewelry. Partly because I don't have black earrings and partly because the pieces of jewelry I do have that are black would have been too much.

Like all girls, it is always a joy to get a compliment and I am having such a good day because of it. Give someone a compliment no matter how small and make them smile. Have a wonderfully blessed Tuesday.