Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ten Binge-Watching Favorites!

These are ten of my  favorite shows to binge watch, and it might surprise you that Netflix isn't my go to site. I use Hulu, HBOgo, and even YouTube. Some of these are older and some of these are still on the air. These are just a few of my selections and where to find them. There is a variety of genres, eras, and styles, so let's get started.
1. Entourage (HBO) It's definitely a bro show but I love it. The characters so perfect together.
2. Reign (Netflix) Historical fiction but done so well. This is a show to watch if you like fashion because the clothes are incredible.
3. Gossip Girl (Netflix) This is a fun girly show to watch that has a little bit f everything for our generation.
4. 21 Jump Street the TV show (Hulu) A lot of people don't know that there is a tv show that was made in the 80's and it star Johnny Depp. It's great please watch it.
5. Game of Thrones (HBO) Another bro show but so entertaining. It is very thrilling.
6. House of Cards (Netflix) This show is one of those shows that makes you think about America.
7. Sabrina The Teenage Witch (YouTube) This is another fun girly show but it's magically classic.
8. Friends (Netflix) Another classic that needs to be watched if you never have. For everyone.
9. Once Upon a Time (Netflix) If you love Disney this show takes it to another level. It's great.
10. Doctor Who (Netflix) You may have to be a nerd to watch this show, but if you do and you are than be proud of it because you would be surprised at the Whovians all around you. Embrace it.
BONUS: Underrated Unknown Movies!
Love and Honor, Magic Beyond Words:The J.K. Rowling Story, Chalet Girl (Netflix)
These are a few movies that I randomly found and took a chance on. I definitely recommend the J.K.Rowling Story if you are a Harry Potter fan. I could post many more and I probably will eventually but here are just a some shows and movies. I hope you enjoyed a little taste of what I like. Let me know what y'all like. I need some new shows/movies to occupy my time.