Friday, June 26, 2015

The Ultimate Auburn Bucket List!

I am an Auburn Student and I have been going to the city of Auburn, with my family, my whole life. I have developed some ideas on what you have to do when in Auburn. This is the ultimate Auburn Bucket List!
1. Number one has to be experience pregame at Jordan-Hare Stadium. We have one of the greatest bands in the nation as well as an eagle who is happy fly around your head as the entire stadium erupts into a good ole fashioned "WAR EAGLE!” 

2.  If we win that game (we probably will, knock on wood) Roll Toomer's corner with us in celebration. This is a must.

3. Make sure to get a Toomer's lemonade while you're here. It's freshly squeezed right in front of you and they also have strawberry and vanilla lemonade. All of them are good.

4. And be sure NOT to step on the seal. Or risk not graduating in four years, or meeting the love of your life while at Auburn.

5. Take a picture with Aubie the Tiger, because he's just so lovable.

6. Experience an Auburn sunset. Sometimes it's like God is an Auburn fan.

7. Climb Foy if you can. It makes for great Pictures.
8. Be on Samford lawn at noon to hear the fight song played by the bells of Samford Hall.

9.Dance in the rain at Hickory Dickory Park. This was an accident, but it ended up being so much fun.

 10. Come to one of the many free concerts we have on campus. Yes, that is Nick Jonas.

11. Take an Artsy photo on the railroad tracks. This one was easy for me because I live five feet away from it.

12. Eno with your best friends at Kiesel Park.

 13. Walk on campus in the middle of the night. (Just don't do it alone)

 14. And of course, take a picture in front of the Auburn sign. This is me and my dad. He graduated from Auburn and now I am there. You could say I am a daddy's girl.

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