Thursday, July 9, 2015

8 Things To Learn from Old Movie Stars

For those of you who don't watch old movies simply because they are old, you should start. There is a lot we can learn from movies that may be in black and white, and even more we can learn from the stars in black and white. See for yourself:

8) Jack Lemmon- This funny guy teaches us that laughter is the best medicine. No matter what you're dressed as, make them laugh.

7) Marilyn Monroe- I have learned from Marilyn to love your body. People don't know this about her, but she was a sex icon at a size 8 and even a size 12. You never knew, because she embraced it no matter what, and she was beautiful for it.

6) Clint Eastwood- Clint is everything from an actor, producer, even a director, and musician. He teaches us that if you want to do everything, then do it.

5) Grace Kelly- By far one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Grace emitted confidence always. Be confident and it too could land you a prince. It worked for her.

4) Clark Gable- Take risks. Clark is one of Hollywood's greatest actors. However, one of his roles nailed him a lawsuit because profanity was prohibited on screen. It was his famous last line in "Gone with the Wind". He took a risk and now that scene is one of the greatest in history.

3) Audrey Hepburn- Audrey was well known for being one of the easiest stars to work with. This is because she never acted like a star. She was always kind to everyone she met. So be kind.

2) Mickey Rooney- He lived to be 93 years old, and I would say he lived a pretty full life. He has 339 credits as an actor alone. At only 5'2 he still shined on the screen and was often Judy Garland's co-star. I learn from all this to live life to the fullest.
1) Lucille Ball- Lucy is the funny girl. She started in movies, but some of you may recognize her from TV. While a lot of people generally didn't want to do TV, because it was a "Step Down" from movies, Lucy took it to a new level. She won five Emmys and "I Love Lucy" was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. She put TV on the same level as movies and she still makes people laugh today. She teaches me to make whatever you do great.

I hope this has taught you a little something about these stars and what we can learn from them. Let me know what you think and don't forget to follow MoonieMag on Instagram and go Like us on Facebook as well!