Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 Things only Auburn Fans would Understand!

As an Auburn fan/student, I feel like this a post I am well qualified to write about these things only the Auburn family would understand.

1) War Eagle- There are several stories to why we say this phrase every game. A lot of people who don't belong to the Auburn family, make the mistake of calling the eagle our second mascot. However, this is simply our battle cry, so try not to be too intimidated by the fact that we have a real eagle to accompany it. We get made fun of for having "two mascots". By that logic, Alabama is both the elephant and the tide. Why don't we ever hear about that?

2) Race for Toilet Paper- The rolling of Toomer's corner is the biggest tradition at Auburn and everyone knows that if you didn't bring toilet paper, then you had better be prepared to run after it like a little kid if you want to take part in this massive celebration.

3) Gameday Outfits- Everyone does it, but Auburn is a place where you wear a different one every week and even on away games, to church, and all year. As an Auburn fan, half your closet is orange and blue. Show that spirit.

4) Enoing on Samford- No one will ever understand this, the way an Auburn fan does. It is so entertaining to literally just suspend yourself between two trees on Samford lawn and watch all the people go by. It is relaxing, beautiful, and hilarious at the same time.

5) Lemonade- Until you have had Toomer's lemonade that is freshly squeezed right before your eyes, you don't know lemonade. It's the best. It even comes in strawberry, which is made with real strawberries. And surprisingly enough, it comes in vanilla, which is way better than it may seem. It is my personal favorite.

6) Shakers- Everyone has shakers, but no one uses them the way Auburn does. It is absolutely important to have a shaker for everything from classic rock songs played by the band, to war eagle in the very beginning. I have had mine since I was five, and I still use it today.

7) Pregame- I may be biased, but Auburn has one of the greatest pregames of all time. It is exciting and beautiful, and nothing will get you hyped like the drum major sticking the staff in the ground. It's enough to go to a game just to see it all. How many pregames do you know with a real Eagle? 

8) Aubie- As an Auburn kid, I idolized Aubie. He was the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. He's so loveable and to this day, as a 20-year-old, I still jump at the chance for a picture because he's just so nice. Not like other tigers! ;)

9) Miracles- Auburn Football is truly known for its outstanding football moments. We have a lot of them, and they always leave you on the edge of your seat. More often than not, Auburn is the underdog, so when we accomplish the impossible, it is magic.