Monday, July 27, 2015

About Me: My Brothers

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today's post is just an "about me" post. I want y'all to know a little more about the writer of Moonie-Mag so maybe you can relate to me more. Or you can just laugh a lot. Today's post is about my brothers. I have mentioned them a lot before and here is my introduction of them.

Firstly, I have three of them. I am the baby and yes the only girl. In other words, my parents are way more protective of me than anything else. The oldest brother is William Lionel McCracken, but we just call him Lee. The second is Robert Edward McCracken, and we call him Robbie. The last one is Brian Novak McCracken. We call him Brian.

Lee is nine years older than me. He is our sibling "leader" so to speak. He was the mastermind behind all mischief us kids would get into until we could think for ourselves. Then we came up with our own mischief. That's okay, though, we usually all got in trouble the same anyway. No, I love my big brother, he was always very protective of us too. There is an old home movie of one of our Christmases. I was maybe two, maybe even one. Lee and the boys were already opening their toys and I was still asleep. Then Lee ran up to mom and said really excitedly "Can I go get the baby?" Mom said, "No, I'll go get her." So when she walked down the stairs holding me in her arms as I was rubbing my eyes with my toddler hands, he ran up and said "Merry Christmas Malan." I love that home video. Then I tried to take Brian's Buzz Lightyear and he wasn't happy. Hehe oops.
Lee is the only brother of the three that is married and he graduated from Auburn as an industrial designer like our dad. His wife is named Angela and they have two dogs, who are the cutest. Cash and Carter. Yes, they are named after June Carter and Johnny Cash. They don't match each other, but they are each others' partner in crime. We love the Memphis Music Royalty in my house and Lee can sing like all of them. He is even really good at Elvis, which is not an easy thing because it's Elvis.

Robbie and Lee looked like twins as kids. They had blonde hair a blue eyes. Brian and I are complete opposites. Robbie and I have a saying about our relationship as brother and sister. We love each other, but we are too much a like to like each other. We butt heads a lot, especially as children because we were both stubborn children. There was one time that the boys were playing video games and I wanted to play. I was about four. They wouldn't let me, and that meant an argument with Robbie and I. So I took my plastic toy broom (why anyone wants a toy cleaning utensil is beyond me) and I wacked Robbie right in the forehead. It was a pretty good shot. He was bleeding, but he was fine. It didn't even hurt him, he was just mad at me. We are good now by the way.
Robbie played football in college, but when he transferred he decided to major in Theatre. It's a funny story really. One of the theatre professors needed him to move sets, and when she asked what his major was he replied with, "I don't know, I played football." He started out moving sets and then decided to actually be in the plays. Now he is a professional actor in the Outer Banks. Hence the Indian costume in the picture to the side. Me and Robbie understand each other a lot better now, and we don't fight like that anymore.

Brian is the closest to me in age. He is the reason for my Faith. We are all Christians, but Brian was the closest to my age, so he was the one around for when I started to truly understand Faith. There are a few things in my life that I will attest to being the reason for my Faith, but really overall, it's Brian. When he was in High School and I in middle school, he used to take me to church. Brian is a brainiac. He is the smartest person I know, besides Sheldon Cooper. He has an amazing knowledge and insight into the Bible and it was him sharing with me his thoughts after church all those times, that made me believe so truly in God the Father. He never tried to portray himself as perfect and he was always very humble when we would discuss God and our Faith. I am really grateful for that. Whenever I would have a question after church, he would never hesitate and he would always have evidence.
Ironically Brian is in Law School, where he learning how to give evidence in the courtroom. Maybe one day he will be president. Brian was always the reader of the family and he himself has written a book. It is on iBooks and Smashwords and it is called, Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War. It is very good.

I am extremely proud of all my brothers. I can never talk enough about them. And though I was the only girl, I wouldn't change that for the world. We are a team, me and my brothers. We complete each other. We all have the same sense of humor and can play off of each other really well. Whenever our friends meet the sibling they always say, "I see now". It is really funny.
So there is a little bit about me. I will write more posts about me and pretty soon you will know everything there is to know about me. My brothers are a big part of who I am. Until I went to real school, they were my only friends lol. I hope you enjoyed getting to know them and me a bit better. Have a wonderful Monday and a blessed Week.

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