Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Fourth Traditions!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!
I love the Fourth because I can always look forward to certain things with my family. For one I get to be with my whole family, which doesn't happen as often now that we have all hit adulthood. For two there's just all these traditions that I just love to do, and really look forward to.

The Beach- This is a must with us. We always go to the beach for the Fourth. I really love the beach and it just wouldn't be summer without it.

Jaws- So my dad loves to watch Jaws every fourth because it does take place around this time in summer. It does kind of put my nerves on end when we go to the beach but I love sharks all the same.

Fireworks- Everyone must at least see one firework for this day. It just makes sense. I mean it says in the star spangled banner, "the rockets bursting in air." It's the American way.

Red, White, and Blue- You have to wear red, white, and blue. No exceptions, and no substitutions.

Eat Hot-dogs- We all love Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and many more foods, but on this day, reserve it for hot-dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, deviled eggs, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream.

Remember the Vets- Of all the fun activities we like to do on the Fourth of July, this by far is the most important. Be sure to take a moment out of your day to remember the true heroes of this country. Not the protesters, not the politicians, and not celebrities. Our soldiers take the time out of their lives to fight for us. They don't even know us. They risk/give everything so that we may have all of the wonderful things I just named. Freedom of speech, religion, and the power to make our own decisions. There is a lot wrong with the world and I feel honored and so appreciative to have someone fighting for me.