Thursday, July 30, 2015

How you Know when Someone is Trying to Impress you!

Hey, everyone! Today's post is based on a funny story. I will let you know which story is the one that happened to me, but it is pretty unbelievable. Though I do have my roommate as a witness. Girls, we have all been there. You know, when that guy is trying to impress you or vice versa. Most of these are just stories from other people, but there are the occasional few that I have actually witnessed. Here are a few things that show when someone is trying to impress you.

Me Too!
When someone agrees with you a lot that means he is trying to impress you. I know of one time where a guy agreed to have a stomach ache just to have more in common with the girl.

This one is self-explanatory. When you receive a lot of compliments, you are supposed to be impressed. Take it from this camel.

The unbelievable story. This one reminds me of friends when Joey has this magical story that always helps him get the girl.

There is the unbelievable story, and then there is just plain bragging. This is where everything that is said is a reminder of some awesome accomplishment, or even if nothing is being said this is an opportunity to share. I am all for talking yourself up, but don't be arrogant.

Change of Self
This is a true story. I was walking with my roommate and we saw this guy I swore I recognized. I stopped him and said "Don't I know you? " and blah blah blah. Well, we are talking and half way through the conversation he became British. True story. Me and my roommate walked away and she was like "Was he always British?" Indeed he was not because at this point I had remembered where I knew him from and he was definitely American last time I met him.

Not Quite....

Creepy Smile
Then there is the stare hold/creepy smile. Everyone, please beware of your face when you are looking at someone you find attractive. It is easy to forget and it may come across, well, creepy. We have all been there where all of a sudden we are like, "Oh dang! I am staring.....And drooling.......Oh, Gosh!"

So there are just a few of funny stories that I have either heard or been a part of myself. Hope you enjoyed. Tell me your favorite moment when there was someone trying to impress someone else. I would love to hear it.

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