Thursday, July 16, 2015

Make Your Own!

So I mentioned yesterday how much I love the strawberry poppy seed salad from Panera. Well, this is a seasonal salad, which means I can only expect it to disappear on the day that I want it the most. Well the greatest part of Panera, is when you order online and you click customize it shows you everything that they put in it. Now this make-your-own version that I am about to share with you won't be as good as Panera's, of course, but I can make it when A) I don't feel like going anywhere, or B) It no longer is on the menu. So here is how to make your own Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad.

-Strawberries (bet you didn't guess that one ;)
-Mandarin Oranges
-Pineapple Slices
-Romaine Lettuce
-Chicken (though I wouldn't know how to make this like Panera does, so I may just leave it off)
-Fat-free Poppy seed dressing

You can get all these ingredients anywhere you shop, including the poppy seed dressing. I had to google it, but Kraft does indeed make a poppy seed dressing. As far as the Chicken, again I wouldn't know what seasoning or anything, but you could just grill chicken and put it on it. However, it probably won't be the same. There's no fancy way of throwing this all together or maybe there is and I just don't know about it, but just put it all together and you will have your own poppy seed salad. It really makes me happy. I am probably going to have that for lunch. Be sure to toss and mix it up well and enjoy!
I hope this helped you in even just a little way. I know with me, when I find recipes online, I like to use them as kind of a rough draft. Then I make it my own somehow, so definitely mix it up. Hope you liked this and don't forget to go follow Mooniemag on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Have a wonderful and blessed day! Also, if you haven't tried this salad, go try it I swear it's amazing!

Picture Creds to Google Images/ Panera's website/ Kraft.