Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Priorities of a College Student!

It is almost time for the new semester and I am taking on way more than I normally do. I am exchanging my simple two organizations, 18 hours, and church for a five organizations, 15 hours, and church. Right now I actually have 18 hours down, but I am pretty sure I am going to drop one of the classes, and I may not do one of the organizations but I mean that is still a lot. So this semester I have had to really think about what my priorities are when I go back to college. I like to make lists and this way I can look back at this post when I get off track. So here they are.
My priorities:

  1. God- God is my number one priority always. I always read my bible, or go to church as often as I can. He is the most important thing.
  2. School- School has to be next because I need to get my grades up and keep them there. I plan to study three hours a day every day on the material we went over that day. That sounds confusing, but basically what that means is, Library=Home. I also have a PE class that will give me an easy A to help with my GPA. 
  3. Sorority- My sorority is so important to me. I have made a lot of friends and love having a place where I belong. I wouldn't give it up for the world, but I know they are very understanding if I can't make something because of school.
  4. Organizations- Now my sorority is also an organization, but this refers to all the rest of them. The Hostess organizations, as well as the Theater organization on campus, and I plan to be a part of Her Campus also. These don't require as much time as you would think, but I will have to plan accordingly. They are also really fun and will give me an escape when needed.
  5. Blog-Blogging is one of my favorite things in the world. If I couldn't blog I would be a little less pleasant. I like to share personal things, funny things, and all my random thoughts with y'all. I have made a commitment to my blog every week and I totally plan to keep it up during the school year. During any breaks I can spare I will be typing away for y'all, and myself.
  6. Me- I really need to remember that even though I plan to make a commitment to all of these things, I need time for myself. If you don't have a chance to relax and unwind, that's when all of this stuff gets to you brain and can be the cause of a breakdown. This also means taking care of yourself. Eat right and exercise. When I am at school I go to the gym three times a week at 6 AM. It wakes me up for the day ahead.
All of these things mean a lot to me, but it is really easy to take on too much. Make plans ahead of time for all the activities you plan to partake in. Take in consideration what needs to be done first and how long it might take you. Include interruptions when you are time managing and don't forget why you are really in school. It's easier than you would think.
A lot of my posts coming up are college organization tips for getting back to school. You will get to see my study schedule, "me day" ideas, packing lists, and much, much more. Keep a look out for it all. I hope you enjoyed learning my priorities and maybe helped you realize yours a little bit. Let me know how your list differs in the comments below.

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