Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shark Week Taught Me!

For me Shark week is like Christmas. It comes once a year and it seems to be gone before you know it. Nevertheless I get really excited and watch nothing but for seven whole days. As today is the last day I thought I would share what new things I have learned about my tied-for-first favorite animal.

This year I have learned that there are a lot more sharks that hide in the deep dark depth of the ocean. Some of them don't even look like sharks. There is one that looks almost fake. It looks like a puppet and it has red glowing gills caused by bio-luminescence because it is so dark where they are.

I have also learned that Great whites, though they seem to be loners, interact with each other more than we think. They even have a way of communicating with each other that is similar to that of a horse or a dog. You know to back away when you hear a dog growl or a horses ears go back, well when you see a great whites back curve and their mouth slightly open, that means that they need their space.

When we think of shark attacks we automatically go directly to Great whites, but did you know that the seven gill shark is the shark that usually attacks in most of the attacks that are reported. They are a lot smaller but more aggressive and significantly sneaky, so beware of these guys.

The last little tid bit I will give you is about this thing called an epaulette shark. I love them. They are the cutest things. They live on reefs and when the tide goes out sometimes they get caught out of water. Though they can hold their breath a lot longer than we ever could, they still should be in water. You don't have to worry though because these little guys can do what other sharks can't. They can use their fins and crawl their way to a tidal pool. Basically they can walk. That's Awesome! You can also have these as pets and I am very much looking in to this because it's not like I could keep a Great white. I shall name it Letty, it shall be my Letty, and it shall be mine. (Mom says no)

So those are about four little things that I have learned just this year from Shark week. I learn new things every year and so does science. I can't wait for more big discoveries about these amazing creatures. Maybe one day I'll be on shark week, I just hope it's not in a shark's mouth. Let me know what y'all think and don't forget to follow MoonieMag on Instagram and like us on Facebook! Have  Great Weekend!