Saturday, July 18, 2015

Verse Canvas

So I am continuing to make presents for my little. I am really trying to avoid waiting until the last minute. However, there are some I can't make until I know her name, or her initials, or her favorite candy. And it's making me more and more antsy to find out, but still so excited. I just hope she like Disney haha. Today's post is about the canvas I have painted for her. It is my favorite verse, Isaiah 43:4. "Because you are Precious in my eyes, and Honored, and I love you". All of my favorite verses have the number 43. That's just my go to number to remind me that no matter what God's working. It really comforts me. Some of the tricks I used with canvas were things I wish I had known about for a while. Like the paint pen. I didn't really know they existed until this year. Boy did it make this easier. I also wrote out the phrase in pencil before actually painting it out. I wish I had done that with the border. It's not terrible, but it's not perfect either. So that bothers me a little bit. Another little thing I did to make this a for sure little gift was on the top edge, I wrote "Hi Little," and on the bottom edge I wrote " <3 Big". I really enjoy doing gifts for my little and can't wait to show y'all even more. I hope she likes this. Let me know what you all think. Comment below and go follow Mooniemag on Instagram and like us on Facebook. You can also go follow the Moonie-Mag Pinterest board. Just find Malan Lynn.