Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Beach Essentials!

So I am going to the beach tomorrow for the Fourth and I am so excited. I thought I would share my packing list with y'all for what to take to the beach. Beach Essentials:
1) Sunglasses
2) Bathing Suit
3) Cute Cover-up
4) Hat 
5) Flip Flops
6) and Sunscreen. I actually don't use sunscreen but don't follow my bad example.
1) Towels
2) Snacks and Drinks. STAY HYDRATED
3) Magazines/Books. There's nothing like a good read on the beach.
4) Umbrella/Tent
5) Football/Sand Toys because I am a child at heart.
The beach is meant for relaxing and having a good time and you need to feel comfortable so make sure whatever you bring can stand up to what you are using it for. For example, I love to ride the waves and sometimes, no, all the time, that isn't the best idea with a bikini so remember a wet shirt or a one piece for these kinds of things. Bring extra towels if you need to and make sure to dig those tents or umbrellas deep so that they don't blow away. Also be sure to include plenty of water in your snakes. Dehydration is not a fun game. So there you have it. My go to list for what to bring to the beach. I love the beach. It is so much fun and I am so excited. And yes you can expect beach/fourth of July themed posts this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!