Monday, July 6, 2015


So Oreos are a wonderful thing. They have these magical qualities that make you keep coming back for more. They are so good. You know what else is good? Brownies. What if we combined the two and made the most unbelievable sweet treat you will ever eat. I did this and they were a hit. I did something different then you may have also seen, I added in a few vanilla Oreos too. It was a surprise to get either or and it was so yummy. Here's what you do:
1) You will need brownie mix of your choice, the mix ingredients, and any type of Oreo you want. Go crazy. Use birthday cake or mint or peanut butter. Get creative with it.
2) Mix the brownie mix all together. I used Pillsbury, but I actually have my own recipe that I make from scratch. I didn't use that here because I left it in Auburn by mistake.
3) Make sure to spray the pan before you lay down all the Oreos. I recommend doing more than I did. Really try and fill up the pan.
4) Pour the brownie over the Oreos.
5) Put it in the oven for about ten minutes less than normal and keep your eye on it. You have added a factor to the mix that isn't calculated in the box, so just be cautious not to bake it for too long.
6) Take it out and enjoy your Broreos!
You should try this and modify it anyway you like. Let me know if there is anything different you do. I would love to see it all.