Friday, July 10, 2015

The Ultimate Big/Little List

I am a person who likes lists and I couldn’t find many for big/little gifts so I decided to make one myself. I would say there are 6 main categories so cover for a big to get her little for reveal. The six are:
            1.           The Flowers
            2.           The Container
            3.           The Food
            4.           The Sorority Letter
5.           The Trinkets
            6.           The Personal

-The Flowers: I personally don’t like flowers, but I was still really happy to receive some from my big so at least one flower should be given. Try and make it match the sorority colors you belong to. So our colors are red and white so I would do a Rose.
-The Container: I know a lot of people just do a laundry basket and that’s fine, but I recommend that you decorate it for your little. You can also use a paper mache box with a lid from hobby lobby. If you do this then definitely decorate it. I plan to do a base of either her favorite colors or the sorority colors. Then on the rim of the lid I will put the quote “LITTLE memories last a lifetime.” So that it can be her memory box.
-The Food: Candy, candy, candy. For the occasions where she may not like candy then find her favorite food, whatever it may be, and put a lot of it. You can put it in a cute container within the main container or just scatter it throughout.
-The Sorority Letters: This is the second most important thing in my opinion. They should pretty much be everywhere. On the top of the lid to my box, I will do our letters and then write my little’s name over them in pretty cursive. I will also do a canvas with the letters and I will put them on a picture frame. You can also do wood letters to hang on the wall and a journal with the letters painted on it. Letters on EVERYTHING!
-The Trinkets: This is the stuff that is really random but awesome. This can be a stuffed animal of the mascot, a pin box, water bottle, a candle with monogram painted on it, magazines, make-up bag, a door sign, and/or something only she would like. I am doing at least four of these. I want to give my little a stuffed animal, a monogrammed candle, a door sign, and something that’s just for her not related to me or the sorority.
- The Personal: I think this is the most important part of a big/little gift. Make a Frame for her that is meant just for a picture of you two. Also try and sign canvases or anything crafty. I am going to write her a letter to put in my box so that she knows that I am always here for her.
These are just a few ideas, but altogether I am planning on giving my little at least 10 presents but if differs with everyone so just try and prepare early because this will all take more time than you think. Spend time with your little. Let me know what y'all are doing for your littles. I would love to hear your great ideas! And don't forget to go follow Mooniemag on Instagram!

The Pictures are a few things I have done already. The candle has my initials on it because I don't know who my little is yet, but I am going to make her one just like that. The frame isn't quite done either. I will put her name in cursive over the little, the same way I did with my name over the Big. Last but not least the pin box is modeled after and Tiffany's box but instead of Tiffany's it says Auburn, and instead of co I put our letters.