Monday, July 20, 2015

What I Wish I Knew As A Freshman!

Just in time for all of you High School Grads to get excited about going away to college, I have a few words of wisdom from real college students who have done it already. All you need to know for freshman year is right here.

  • College is NOT High School- When I asked this question; I got this answer multiple times from my friends Nora and Emily. Just because you didn't have to study in High School does NOT mean you don't have to study in College. And my friend Lindsey adds that classes aren't that hard if you study. So if you weren't a person who studied in High School, then I suggest you learn some study tips. I learned this one the hard way. 
  • Do NOT Buy your Books before the Class- My roommate Sydney said this one and she is totally right. Quite possibly the most annoying thing on the face of the planet is being responsible, spending $200+ on all my textbooks, and then getting to class and being told you just blew a $100+ because we aren't using this book or this book, and while we are at it let's not use this book either. Seriously wait until the teacher tells you what to buy/rent.
  • It WILL be Lonely at First- This statement, from my friend Michelle, is true, but it is the same for everyone and it is Okay. Your right group of friends will be found don't worry. It may take a month or two, but it will happen. You aren't the only one who will feel this way. 
  • Join a Group- This one will help with the last one. Getting involved, even just for a semester is a great way to be introduced to people with same interests as you. You will make tons of friends in no time. My roommate Stephanie swears by them, and so do I.

  • You Don't have to be Friends with Everyone- My friend Jessi's response was one I didn't expect to hear, but she was totally right. "It's okay if some people don't like you. Part of College is finding the right friends, and realizing not everyone is going to be your friend." So true, and my friend Lillian Catherine agrees.
  • Know The Basics- Nora also said, along with my Friend Abby, to know the basics. Know how to cook for one, balance you checkbook, and save money. They are totally right. 
  • Think GOD- Abby also added that you should put God first. Her sister Anna said that it is okay to be a Jesus freak in college. My Faith has been a big part of my college atmosphere. I made a large portion of my friends at church, and it has made me a better Christian for it.

So I believe my friends covered a large portion of what you freshman ought to know, but I have a few tips of my own. Here are a few things I learned along with the above.

  • Always carry your I.D.- You never know when you are going to be signing up for something in the Student Center and they ask to either see you Student I.D. or your state I.D. Always have both on you.
  • Walk through your Schedule- I still do this before each semester, but if you are Freshmen this is extremely helpful. Walk around and find where you are going before you go there. It will save a lot of grief and you won't end up like Ron and Harry on their first day when they were late to McGonagall's class.
  • Listen to Music- Listen to it when you walk, when you study(if you can), or just to relax. Make music a part of your day. It will help keep you sane.
  • Study, Study, Study- I can't stress this enough. I learned that you really should study a lot. I will post later a study schedule for myself that may give you an idea. 
  • Don't take Too much on- Join all the clubs you want, but be realistic about it. I like adding a new club every semester, but I will seriously have to analyze everything to make sure I am not taking on too much. I feel a little stressed about it, but I am sure it will all turn out fine. (nervous laugh)

  • Have a Hiding Spot- There is a tree somewhere on campus that I occasionally climb and hide when I need to clear my head. It's the most beautiful spot in the world and it's perfect when you just need to be by yourself with God.

So there you have it. Tips after tips for all you freshmen out there. Don't worry about it too much, it will all work out fine. Just know that you aren't in High School anymore. But hey, Dorothy wasn't in Kansas anymore and she turned out fine. Haha. I like my movie references if you couldn't tell, but anyway, Happy Monday everyone and I hope you have a wonderful week. Don't forget to follow Mooniemag on Instagram and go like us on Facebook. See ya tomorrow!