Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why we Love Will and Kate's Family

Like a lot of girls out there, I am in love with the Royal family. Especially Will and his beautiful little family. They are just perfect, and they make for great role models. So I have decided to pinpoint those reasons we love Will and Kate and their two bundles of joy.

1)The Clothes- This is a very well dressed family. And I am sure a lot of you would agree that Kate is a big reason to thank for that. She always looks flawless.

2)Adorable- All four of them are just adorable. Will and Kate are adorable together George and Charlotte are adorable separately and together. Just Precious. Look at them all matchy.

3)The Dynamic- Mom, dad, dog, and a little boy and girl. It just screams greeting card.

4)George- Yes get's his own bullet because of his countless facial expressions. At only two I feel like I actually know what he's thinking.

5)Family Outings- You always see Kate and Wills being really interactive with their kids, and not just standing aside for the nanny to handle. Though I do know they have a nanny, it seems as though she just another family helping hand. 

6)Wills with George- He is so good with him and he is also very skilled at wrangling George when he is trying to escape. Also, it's adorable.

7)Elegance- They are the epitome of elegance and grace. And even though George and Charlotte don't really know what that is yet, they are looking very promising.

Basically, I aspire to be as awesome as the Royal family and also to live as long as the Queen. You go, girl! Style tips from Kate, toddler wrangling, and the overall elegance. All are perfect reasons why we Love William, Catherine, and their beautiful family. Let me know what I missed in the comment section below, and I will most definitely add it. Don't forget to follow Mooniemag on Instagram and go like us on Facebook. Hope you enjoyed this Royal fandom list and let me know what you think. Two more days till the weekend! Push on and have a wonderful day!