Friday, August 21, 2015

Holidays: Football

It's Friday so that means one of four things! Food, Clothes, Holidays, and Holiday traditions. Well today I want to talk about one of my favorite holidays coming up in just a couple of weeks This may not be a holiday for some of you, but for me and my family, this almost beats Christmas.
I am referring to Football. I am so bummed that the first game is in Atlanta instead of here, but it is still so exciting to see Auburn Play. Football is so great!
I remember as a kid I would wake up on Saturdays and go in the family room, where the golden, fall light would shine through the windows while game-day was on. I would walk outside for a few minutes just to smell the fall air. Just overall, this time of the year is my favorite, and now being at Auburn, I love it even more. I get to sit in the student section with all my friends and I actually know some of the people on the field. It's just a great feeling to be a part of this whole thing.
Whether you are a fan, a player, a spirit leader of any kind, or your home on your couch with a bowl of cereal like I did for 18 years of my life. You are important to what makes football so great.
As a kid, I grew up with three brothers. You may have heard of them from my post about them and how they have influenced me in the best ways. Well, they all played football and for as long as I can remember, I was there at their practices, games, and even when my mom was preparing all their gear. They all played through high school at least and one even played in college. I guess you could say that I practically grew up on a football field.
I just have so many awesome memories of football. Once, at tiger walk I was like two feet away from Cam Newton. It was awesome, of course at the time I didn't realize how big he would actually be. It was one of the very first games he ever played for us. Then seeing him play and the connections he had with players like Cody Burns and Philip Lutzenkirchen. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Philip one night. It was so awesome.
I just get so excited about football and I am so excited to see what happens this season because Auburn is known for the games that put you on the edge of your seat at the last second. ;) So, all you football fans comment below and let me know what, who, or why you love football. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my love of football and more specifically Auburn football. War Eagle! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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