Saturday, August 15, 2015

My College Apartment Room Redo!

Hello All! Sorry I have been MIA today, but I have been MOVING IN! How exciting. My room is completely different looking and I love it. I want to show y'all what all I did differently.
First here is my room before I changed it.
And here it is now.
My bed was a day bed, but I rotated it and added the extra shelves to make side tables. (Those will be painted white eventually)

Then I moved the desk to the wall beside the door and put this odd but awesome collage over it.

The chair was switched over by the window, which was given curtains to dress it up. The little table is new, but I thought it would make an awesome reading table.

The keyboard stayed where it was and my paddle has the perfect spot right in between my closet and my bathroom. 
Now some of the decorations have posts already. There is the Minnie Mouse Monogram and the paddle. I will also do posts for my awesome headboard that me and my dad made together, as well as a few other decorations. Keep an eye out and go check those other posts out. Let me know what you think of my new room in the comments below. I will say that I cannot wait to sleep in my new awesome bed. Have a wonderful night and I will post again tomorrow. 
 P.S. Sorry about the terrible picture quality. I will be sure to replace these.