Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sigma Phi Lambda!

Happy Saturday! This upcoming week is one of the most important weeks of the year for me and my sorority Sigma Phi Lambda. I have talked about my sorority before but I wanted to share with everyone what this really means to me.

What is it?
Phi Lamb is a Christian sorority that only has about 30 or more chapters all throughout the country. It was started at the University of Texas at Austin. It is about 27 years old and it is expanding every year. Our chapter at Auburn was founded in 2012. 

How I found it!
I have a friend who is in BYX or Beta Upselon Chi, here at Auburn. This is one of the two Christian fraternities here. He is one of my very good friends from church, and when he told me about Phi Lamb it really got me excited. Him and another BYX friend of mine got me in touch with one of the officers last year. I decided to attend Phi Lamb rush and it was the one of the best decissions of my life.

What it means to me!
Phi Lamb has a saying. "A place to belong." This is so true for me. I truly feel that I can be myself with these girls, and on top of that, they remind me everyday how blessed I am and that God is all around me in everything I do.

Our rush is coming up and that just made me want to share with y'all what this means to me and why. I can't wait to meet all our new potential members and to start this year off with great God-loving girls. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Phi Lamb and I strongly suggest that if your campus has a chapter, go and check it out and just see what they are about.

If your campus doesn't have a chapter and you want to start one, then go to the Sigma Phi Lambda home page and click the "Starting a Chapter" button.

If you go to Auburn, our recruitment is this week! See our rush page on Facebook. 

Let me know what changed your life at college in the comments below. I would love to hear them. I hope you have a blessed weekend and a wonderful week!