Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Surviving O-Days

Here at Auburn there is a little thing called O-Days. O-Days stands for Organization Days. On these days, there is a lot going on and I have created a survival guide for getting through this hectic week. First:

What are O-Days?
O-Days are the days that every organization on campus sets up a tent and/or table on the concourse. They are fully stocked and prepared to hand you flyers, coozies, and free sunglasses so that you will look into their organization. Seriously I have like ten pairs of free sunglasses.

What people normally do.
If you are a freshman, you probably didn't know that these existed. So you will be in the very deep of all the advertising. If you are not a freshman, then you probably try to turn your music up, look at your feet, and ignore all spokespeople that come close to you. Or just ry to avoid the concourse all together.

Two Perspectives.
I have been both the person who tried to avoid the caos at all costs and the person hading the flyer/freesunglasses out. I can honestly say that I know both points of views and that makes me very credible in writing this post.

What I Recommend.
I recommend that if you are headed to class and have a set time to be somewhere, avoid the concourse. Even if you manage to escape without a pair of sunglasses, it is still a very cramped place to try and get through. More cramped than usual anyway. However, when you have some time, weather it be a break or you are done with classes for the day, go and really look at everything out there. You would be surprises at what organizations really interest you and change your life. Keep in mind that not everyone will be out there on all the days and O-Days end at 2:00 everyday. It really is a great oppurtunity, especially if you are freshman. Go look at all the different groups and people and find your place here at Auburn.

So that's what I recommend for surviving O-Days. Let me know what you think, or if this might help you. I would love to here all feedback and learn about this kind of stuff on other campuses. I hope this helped someone out there and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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