Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Things That Comfort Me: Food

Hello, all! We survived Monday, huzzah! 
Yesterday I explained to y'all that this week has a theme, and that would be Comfort. To recap all that you can expect this week, we have:

            • God
            • Food
            • My Bed
            • Down Time
            • Cozy Clothes
            • A Day to Myself
I explained to y'all why God comforts me yesterday and now I am going to give you my list of the most comforting foods. 
I love food, all foods. Eating is my favorite hobby and I know I am not the only one. However, even if you aren't a foodie, we all know there are certain foods we like to eat when we are sad. It's a human thing. 
Today I am going to share with you, my top 10 foods I like when I am feeling low. So here they are:

1) Chocolate

2) Ice Cream

3) Cupcakes
My roommate once got me a cupcake because I was sad and it was so sweet!

4) Rigatoni 

5) Coffee

6) Popcorn
Along with your favorite movie of course and try adding your favorite candy to it. Trust Me!

7) Milk(Yes, I know this is a drink)

8) Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
9) Cashews/Almonds

10) Soup
I like tomato soup with cheese toast.
There you go. Now you know I definitely don't diet when I am sad, but who does really? I want to know what your comfort foods are. Share with me in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you try some of my food. Let me know if you have tried them and what you think.Or you can show me on Instagram with #MoonieMagComfortWeek. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day and week.

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