Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things That Comfort Me: Relaxation

Hello All!! Happy Thursday to you!
So this whole week has been themed Moonie-Mag Comfort Week! I have shared three days of things that comfort me. To recap, the things that comfort me are:

              • God
              • Food
              • My Bed
              • Down Time
              • Cozy Clothes
              • A Day To Myself
Today I am going to share with you a few ideas I have for how to relax. These are just things that make me relax and maybe they will help you also. As a college student, I know what it is like to get stressed, or in over your head. There are times that I need to sit down and relax. I needed to pinpoint what I like and what works, and that's what I have done.

When it comes to relaxing, you have to narrow down what is making you not relax. For me, it is usually school, work, or organizations. 
Basically, this means commotion of my brain. I know that sounds odd, but you probably understood all the same. In order to mute this commotion for a little while, here's what I would do.
  • Read a good book. Something that keeps you reading.

  • Light a candle while you are getting ready, or reading that book from the first one.

  • Take a bubble bath. You're really never too old for this.

  • Meditate. Get comfortable, play calming music, and breath. Think happy thoughts.

  • Listen to your favorite music and either dance or sing along to it.

  • Watch a really good movie.

  • Paint or craft. It is so therapeutic. 

  • Take a spa day.
See, all these things can intertwine with each other. Do one while doing the other. Find what's making you tick, and do what makes you happy. Some of this list will include other posts later on and I will be sure to remind you about them. 
I think the biggest thing you can do is just get away from what's stressing you out. Take breaks from studying, working, and organizations and just spend time with yourself. It's the best thing for you.
I feel like everyone in a stressful life should have a plan to relax.

I hope you enjoyed my list. Let me know what you do to relax and put it in the comments below. I would love some more ideas on how to relax for this upcoming fall semester. You can also show me on Instagram by using #MoonieMagComfortWeek. I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed week/weekend! Ta ta for now.

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