Friday, August 28, 2015

Traditions: Football Edition

As I mentioned last Friday, football is like a holiday for me and so this Friday a want to tell you all my Football Traditions for both home and away games. One is more fun than another, but none the less I love all the football games no matter where they are.

Away Games:
My traditions for Saturday morning without a home game here in Auburn consist of laziness.
I wake up and turn on game-day.
I always eat a bowl of cereal on Saturdays.
I see the picks and watch all the other games that day until Auburn.
When Auburn turns on, nothing else exists. I sit on the couch and am totally concentrated on the game.
When that game is done I can finally relax and do whatever I want with all my friends because it's Saturday night.

Home Games:
For home games, the first part of the day is quite similar to that of away games.
I wake up and turn on game-day.
I eat cereal and watch the picks for the day.
Here's where it gets different.
I get ready for game-day which is Auburn means some form of orange and blue in the cutest way possible. I love game-day outfits. Pretty much my whole closet is orange and blue.
Then we go to the game!
                     Things You Need:

        • Shaker
        • Tiger Card
        • Game-day buttons (for free in the bookstore)
        • Ignited Card
        • Phone
        • Toilet Paper
I after the game, if we win, we go to Toomer's corner and throw toilet paper.
After that, we all go to bed dreaming of good dreams of Auburn football.

I love football and the traditions I have, have been upheld since I was a small child. I am extremely excited for the first game and can't wait for the season to come. Let me know what traditions you uphold for football season in the comments below. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will post tomorrow.