Saturday, August 1, 2015

When the Lights Go Out

A couple of weeks ago here in Anderson, South Carolina, we had a really bad storm. One of those summer, July storms that knocks out everything. In this case, it knocked out our power for two days. It was awful. Well in times like this you have to be positive. Haha I realize how that sounds by the way, but really it was odd just sitting there in silence for two days. Thus the inspiration for this post. I have a couple ideas to keep yourself entertained.
Board Games or Cards
When I was little and this would happen, I had three brothers to play with. This time it was just me, mom, and dad, so there wasn't any board games.
Go On The Boat
We live on a lake, so it is easy to stay entertained when you can spend time on the water.
Go Out To Eat
Restaurants and big establishment usually have generators, so go out to eat is a much better option then trying to cook yourself.
Have a Good Flashlight
We have about five or six RYOBI Flashlights in my house. I even have one of my own. My bathroom doesn't have windows, so this little baby came in very handy when I need to go in the bathroom.
See A Movie
I actually convinced my mom to go see "Trainwreck" with me, and as you have probably seen on my review, it was so funny.
Car Charging
For the electronics you just can live without, make sure you have car chargers. There is even a type of charger that is a plug in outlet for your computer.
I painted a canvas or two while the lights were out. Crafting and painter is so relaxing for me and I don't need TV or anything.
Go To The Park
We didn't do this, but it is still a great option for those of you with kids or dogs and you don't want to be stuck in a hot house.
Catch up with the your family. This should be done always. Everyone is so preoccupied by cell phones and computers, no one talks anymore, so take advantage of this moment.

And Of Course Blog About It
When these moments happen blog about it. You could help some one else.

I hope that I have given you some ideas for if your poser goes out. I know it is difficult in this era of technology, but all those wonderful old activities from before, do still exist. Let me know what you do when the lights go out. I would love to hear it!

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