Monday, September 21, 2015

Prepare For a Segway Tour!

So I went to Charleston this past weekend for Auburn BYX formal. It was absolutely awesome! I had so much fun. Something that we did that I have never done before was a Segway tour. It was a new experience and it was so much fun, but there are some things I wish I had prepared for differently. So I thought I would blog about it.

How do you operate a Segway?
It really isn't as tricky as you might think. There isn't a gas trigger or anything like that, you simply just shift your weight. To go backward, you put your weight back and to go forward you put your weight forward. To turn you just move the handles to the right or the left. You can spin in a stationary circle or you can lean and turn at the same time. It is really that easy. Just be sure to keep your balance and find your center when you want to stop.

What to wear?
You really can wear whatever, though I wouldn't recommend a dress or a skirt. However, be sure to wear comfortable, supportive shoes. I wore Chacos and my arches were killing me by the end. Remember that you are standing for a solid hour or two so just keep that in mind when you choose your footwear. 

I really enjoyed touring this small village in Charleston. It was where they shot most of the Notebook. I had a really good time and I am really glad we did it though I was skeptical at first. 

I hope I informed you a little bit about a Segway tour and how to prepare for it! I really recommend it and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below and go search Moonie-Mag Malan's social media. As always have a wonderful day and week!
Yes, I know the Helmet looks ridiculous!