Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Themed Dessert!

I have mentioned that this week is Sigma Phi Lambdas rush and we have a different theme each night. The first night was a "Meet and Greet" and the second night was "GameNight". Tonight is the third night of rush and it is called "Desserts and Devo" I have made a theme Sigma Phi Lambda desert for this night and I really wanted to share it with you. 

Okay, so I love to cook and bake! Most people would never know that because I don't have time to do it while I am in college. However, I have a real love for bing able to create things and food falls under that quality. The summer after freshman year, I baked a lot. I tried a lot of things. I like to make things from scratch. Yes, I know they make a mix that is easy, but that is just not as fun. In this summer, I created my very own brownie recipe. Like no one else has it. It's really exciting and one day I will leave it to my daughter and only the family will have it until my great granddaughter decided to sell it and turn it into a brand and then you will see Malan's Brownies in ever Walmart from here to eternity. 

Anyway, I have my own brownie recipe and that's exciting. You can have one too. I found a basic made from scratch brownies from the internet and then I just experimented with some flavors. I found what I liked and it's so goooooooood. 

Normally I don't ice them, but this is a special occasion so I did indeed ice them and put sprinkles in the shape of our letter for Phi Lamb. It turned out really great though it did take a lot of attention to detail, but that's okay.

So I hope you like the ending product. Let me know what you think my secret ingredient is in the comments below! I hope you guys get creative with your food and I hope you have a wonderful day!