Thursday, October 15, 2015

How I Got 1,000 Followers in 3 Days!

For those of you that don't know, I have recently picked up photography. I really enjoy trying to capture moments that only happen once. Well, I used to post pictures to my Blog's Instagram. I have found, though, that it is just easier to have a separate Instagram for my photography.

So, I made one on Saturday and by Monday something amazing happened. I had gained 1,000 followers in just three days. It took me two weeks just to gain 100 on my Blog's Instagram. So here's what I did that really made a difference. To follow my Photography page, click here: MalanPhotography.

#Photography #Photographer #Photograph #Photo #Picture #iPhotography #iPhotographer #iPhotograph #Filter/NoFilter #MalanPhotography
Also hashtag anything that may apply to the picture. Your college, the view, etc.

Once you have a few posts, click on any of those hashtags and click the one that catches your eye. Follow the person who posted the picture and then go to their followers and follow as many as you want, until you get tired, or until Instagram won't let you. When that happens, don't freak, just wait a little while and you'll be solid. The picture to the right is my very first post on Saturday. See all the hashtags?

So what I mean by this is when someone follows you that you haven't followed yet, follow them and then go and follow their followers. Also, if you have other accounts, go and follow the followers of those accounts also.

Really what it comes down to is the best way to gain followers is to follow. It really helped me. On that note, there is some etiquette that I would like everyone to keep in mind.

-Don't unfollow once they follow you back. That's just annoying and unfair.
-Follow back when people follow you.
-Show your love for other peoples' posts. Not all the time but at least occasionally.

So there you go! That is how I gained 1,000 followers in 3 days. It was a really pleasant surprise and I hope this helps you. Let me know what tricks help you in the comments below and, as always, have a wonderful day!