Monday, November 2, 2015

My Halloween!

Hello all, and happy November! I had a great Halloween and I hope you all did too. Halloween for me is more like a week long holiday rather than just a day. I dressed up four times last week and now I want to share my costumes with y'all.

Tuesday: Trunk or Treat
I was Katniss in a group. One of my roommates was Effie Trinket and I had so much fun teasing her hair. My other roommate was Prim. We looked so good that I decided to make a movie poster out of us. So here we are!

Thursday: BYX Rave
I have always wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I finally got to do it. I had this old dress, white t-shirt, and my apron is also a white t-shirt. I found the bow in my apartment and wore black flats. The book was in my roommate's car when we went to leave and that worked out perfectly.

Friday: Tiger Nights
I was Rosie the Riveter on this night. This was the easiest costume of the week. A jean shirt, red headband, and a ponytail and it was like I was her. I also added red lipstick because let's be real, who wouldn't?

Saturday: Halloween
We had a football game on Halloween and though it didn't go as planned, I still got to wear my captain America t-shirt and homemade shield into the stadium. I am a little bit of a nerd, in case you were wondering. I taped a ribbon on the back of my shield to make it a backpack so it was pretty legit. I was pretty proud of it.

In conclusion, I had fun this Halloween to say the least and I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my costumes from this year. Let me know about your costumes in the comments below. I would love to hear it! I hope your Monday is treating you well and I hope you have a wonderful week.