Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Roommate Christmas!

So as we did last year, my roommates and I celebrated a small and short Christmas with each other. I got them all something and we drew names for secret Santa and got bigger gifts for that person.
For the roommate I drew, I knew she would love something sentimental and I wanted to get her a gift card to her favorite restaurant so she could get a few free meals from her favorite place. For the sentimental, a girl in my sorority made a box that unfolds into different layers of awesomeness for Phi Lamb's secret Santa and it was so awesome that I decided to make one for my roommate. It would have two layers:
1) This would be pictures,

and 2) This would be Bible verses and sayings special to her/us.

The base would have another picture of us in a heart.

The outside matched her room so that she could keep it out if she would like.

For all of them, since we didn't have stockings this year, I found these stockings at Hobby Lobby that were small and glittery and I knew they would love them. I fill them with Hershey kisses, a candy cane, nail polish, and lip balm. I really hope they liked it.

For me, I can't even explain how much I love my roommates. They know me so well and they are always there for me. I know we have our ups and downs, but I would never change living with them because they are the best thing to come home to after a final or studying for said final. These gifts that I got from them match my personality so well and I will always cherish them. We may not all graduate at the same time, and we may not live near each other when we have to be adults, but I know no matter what I can call or text and talk to them about anything. I love you guys if you read this and I hope you know that.

Merry Christmas!