Monday, December 21, 2015

Creed Review

I went to see Creed last weekend and this is my review of it. When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was massively excited. Rocky is one of my favorite movies of all times. I don't choose favorites for movies because there are so many great ones, but if I was forced to choose I would probably say Rocky. I love the story, the music, the love. I love all of it. Creed was so exciting because it was so unexpected, which is always good, and it was kind of like the next generation of my favorite movie.

First of all, the movie stars Michael B. Jordan, and, of course, Sylvester Stalone. It was written and directed by Ryan Coogler and co-written by Aaron Covington. It's not really a continuation of Rocky so much as a spin-off with a totally new story to focus on but is still a big part of the franchise and shares the same heart.

The story starts with a young boy in juvie who is a big fight starter. He is taken in by his father's wife and raised to be a pretty successful young man, fighting professionally as an unknown in Mexico. In the States, he would be known as former heavyweight Champion of the world, Appollo Creed's son. This would prove to make it difficult for Adonis Creed to make his own name in the world of boxing, but he was determined. His ring name would be Donny Johnson and he would move to Philadelphia, with no support from his adopted mother, to seek the aid of another great heavyweight champion of the world. Rocky Balboa, who not only beat Appollo for the title, he was also his great friend. He retired long before Donny showed up and is running a restaurant. Reluctantly, Rocky agrees to help Donny and you will just have to see for yourself what happens next.

It is most definitely worth it to go see this movie in person. It is one of the greatest reboots I have ever seen and I am not just saying that because of my love for the originals. It is true that there was so much of the older franchise in this movie, but it was also a movie that very much stands on its own. It renewed my love of underdog stories. I would also like to point out that the casting was incredible in this new movie. Tessa Thompson plays Donny's love interest and is absolutely charming but very different from an Adrian type. Michael B. Jordan looks so much like Carl Weather's son it strange. It made this movie that much greater.

I've got to say that I love movies. I love reviewing them and I love analyzing them. This movie is a great movie to go see and I totally recommend it. I give it 4.75 stars because I honestly didn't see much wrong with it.