Monday, December 21, 2015

Gift Wrapping Tips!

So it's that time of year and I know some of you are looking for new and exciting ways to wrap your gifts this Christmas. I have been designated the gift wrapper of my family for years now and I wanted to share my creative tips that I have accumulated over the year. Here they are! I hope you enjoy.

1) Don't be afraid to use sparkle. 

2) You don't always have to use a bow. 

3) The tag can go anywhere. On the side or the front or even the back. 

4) Make your own tag for a special touch.

5) The classic look is just that, classic. 

6) Use ornaments to dress it up. 

7) Make a permanently beautiful package by wrapping the bottom and the top of the box separately.

Let me know what tips and tricks you have learned over the years in the comments below and what you think of mine.

 I hope you have a wonderful day and