Saturday, December 12, 2015

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Well, I'm back home and I know my mom and dad are happy about it. The house is all decorated except the tree, but that will happen today! I love the way my mom decorates. It is so beautiful and I always feel like a child around Christmas. Really I feel like a child every day but even more so during Christmas. So I wanted to share my poem.

It's Christmas at the McCracken's and all through the house, there are decorations everywhere

and even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Sait Nicholas soon would be there.

Us children won't sleep not even a wink. If you need us you can find us watching Christmas movies.
And mom's in here chair and dad's to her right, they always tell me to turn on the lights.

When out on the driveway, there was a car pulling in. It was my brother from Georgia to bring the Christmas tree in.
We brought it right in and we got out the latter, to hang the garland and lights.....could it be any fatter?

The sun starts to set, another day gone. That just means
we're closer to presents and fun.

When the night got later and as I watched the TV, almost like clockwork, I thought I had heard something.
I thought to myself, surely not yet, it's not even Christmas It's a squirrel I bet.
I heard it again it was real this time. I ran outside in the house's night shine.

There he was it was sure and true, Santa and his reindeer were up there too soon.
I was feeling too scared to try and call, I was afraid that Santa would fall.
But when he turned around he saw my face, he smiled and then continued his pace.
I watched as he sprinkled something on to my house, then I couldn't help myself I had to call out.
What is that you did just now, then all of a sudden he was floating down to the ground.
He told me it's magic for families like mine, ones that believe and are always childlike.
That's me and my brothers always young at heart, but how could this happen when did it start.
Santa floated back up to his sleigh, and then he started to be on his way.
And when I woke up I knew what it seemed, it wasn't real life, it was only a dream.
But somehow that isn't how I could feel, because in my heart I knew that it was all real.
Santa had come and Santa was seen and like the child I am I will always believe.

My dad reads the original Night Before Christmas every Christmas eve. I am so blessed to have parents who care so much about the experiences of their children and to be able to celebrate the birth of our king. He really is so wonderful it is unexplainable. I am so happy to be home for Christmas.

Tell me your Christmas story and let me know what you thought of mine. I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you are spending the holidays well.