Friday, December 25, 2015

Our Christmas Traditions!

Throughout the Month:

  • Watch Movies
  • Make Cookies
  • Buy Gifts (Choose the Perfect gift for you loved ones HERE)
  • Wrap the Gifts (Find wrapping tips HERE)
  • Decorate- Inside and Outside
  • Listen to Christmas Music

Christmas Eve:

  1. Watch Christmas Movies all day
  2. Eat Christmas Dinner
  3. Open One Gift 
  4. Go to the Candle Light service
  5. Watch a Muppets Christmas Carol
  6. Read Twas the Night before Christmas
  7. Go to sleep
Christmas Morning:
  • Wake up at the crack of dawn
  • Look at the presents (DUH!)
  • Watch a Christmas Story until it's time to wake up mom and dad
  • When we finally get them out of bed we OPEN PRESENTS!
After that we spend the rest of the day watching movies, drinking eggnog, and playing with our new toys. And even though I am 21 I am still very much a child when it comes to this stuff so don't judge me. I love Christmas, not because I know I will always get presents, but because I love to give presents even more. I particularly excited about this year, because I have nailed it on the head. I can't wait to see everyone's faces Christmas morning! 

I also want everyone to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is! It's not getting or giving. It's remembering that God has blessed this Earth with a savior. A king of all kings to live and die for us no matter how much we don't deserve it. God's only son Jesus was born on Christmas day! I have written another post that is dedicated to just that and you can find it HERE!