Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What I'm Wearing for New Years

This post is really very simple. What should you wear on New Years? Anything that is SILVER and GOLD!

When it comes to the New Year, you should surround yourself with sparkle in light of a fresh start and a shiny new beginning. No better way to do this than with silver and gold. Black looks great with silver and white looks great with Gold. Or change it up! I think I will go with the white and gold option.


We made it this far so let's bring the New Year in with some style! I don't have much with me this year seeing as how all my stuff is in suitcases so I didn't want to bring too much. My brother, however, surprisingly got me a dress that is just precious. I really love it and I am thinking it would make a great outfit base for New Years! FYI: This is not me in the picture. I got it from the Charming Charlie's website which is where he got the dress.

Okay so I have these Ralph Lauren earrings that I have and they are white and wrapped in gold. FYI: These are not the actual earrings I have but these are very similar.

Accessories are everything in an outfit and to continue on my gold tangent I will add this plain gold necklace. FYI: Same deal as the earrings.
Don't forget the shoes! Gold of Course! FYI: Dido part two!