Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Golden Southern Sun

Let me tell you about a shop that exists on Etsy. It is called Golden Southern Sun and it is a wonderful place to explore beautifully made products by shop owner Brionna Straube. She has a great story as to why she started her shop.

Her products are all a little piece of Disney. Not surprising considering she lives so close to Disney World and goes very often. Like me, Disney is a really big part of her life and it is something that has sparked her creativity! She draws a lot of inspiration from Disney and her products are just perfect for your average Disney lover like myself and so many others out there!

Brionna is specifically fond of her Ring Dishes! They were inspired by her own engagement and that makes them not only special to her but who ever may purchase them. Here's her story.

It was December. Brionna and her then boyfriend
were in the wedding pavilion that overlooks the
famous Cinderella's castle. They were in that spot
because that is the perfect place to watch the fire
works show "Wishes". During the spectacle, her 
then boyfriend got down on one knee and asked
the magical question every girl wants to hear. He

When Brionna told me this story all I could think was "Goals!" That was so sweet and I hope to be proposed to at Disney one day too! It was this special moment for Brionna that inspired these beautiful ring dishes that are unlike anything I have ever seen at Disney myself, and I go quite frequently as well. They are certainly fit for a princess.

Brionna and I share a love of Disney that has comforted us our whole lives and I am so happy to write this post for her. Her products really are amazing for any Disney lover and I recommend checking them out here>>>> Golden Southern Sun! She has so many other products too and I'll just have to write another post about them all!!!

Congratulations to Brionna! I hope you all liked this post and I can't wait to post more about these awesome products. Let me know what you think in the comments below and have a wonderful day!!