Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How To Stay Informed

The year of 2016 means a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Yay for all the pressures of making the "right" decisions for our country. <<<That was sarcasm. I had just turned 18 right before the last election and I honestly didn't know the views of any of the people on the ballot and I made my decision based on what others told me to do. I have decided this go around, that no matter what party I claim, I will give all candidates a look at their views and make my own decision this year. This ought to be interesting.

My brothers and my dad get into political discussions all the time and they make me so uncomfortable so another decision I have made is to not tell anyone what I am learning and who I am choosing, simply because I can't change their mind any more than they can change mine, so what's the point in arguing about it?

Know who is running. Get on google and find all the candidates.
Know their Issues. Look up what they stand for in the election.
Know their promises. Look at what they say they will do as president and decide if it is doable yourself.
Know their background. People don't normal change much in adulthood. If they have made big mistakes, not smoking or drinking or anything small, I mean BIG mistakes in their adulthood then use your judgement on their values and what you expect from them.
Know your issues. Know what you want fixed with the new president and your biggest concerns.

TV/Radio (Be aware that it's very hard to find an unbiased take on politics on TV or Radio, but I have listed some below)

BBC<<<<<<This is a British network, so yes they are unbiased and give worldwide news.

So there are some helpful tips to staying informed for this upcoming election. I hoped this helped those of you who were unsure how. Let me know what you do to stay informed in the comments below. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to