Friday, January 29, 2016

Simply Fabs

I am so happy! Why? You may ask. Because I just recieved this fabulous mug from Savannah Blackwell, owner of SimplyFabs shop on Etsy! She has made me a personalized Mug that just makes me smile and it is so cute. It has the state of Alabama on the front with "War Eagle!" monogrammed in the middle of it. Perfect for an Auburn girl like me! When you turn it around you can find my sorority letters monogrammed in the middle of out mascot! I know that all of my sisters will be jealous of this mug! It is absolutely perfect for me and I love it so much, though I wasn't surprised because of all the other fabulous products I have seen on SimplyFabs.
MUGS: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe!

And SimplyFabs is not only home to this, but much much more!

CANVASES: There are canvases. You can order a canvas inspired by your sorority, school, your favorite animal, etc.

LETTERS and SHOES: You can also find these fabulous Lily Pulitzer shoes that are Hand Painted by Savannah along with these awesome letters!

WINE GLASSES: And, she doesn't just make mugs, she can make you a wine glass also!!!

There is so much to offer from this one woman shop and she can CUSTOMIZE anything for you while finding them at GREAT PRICES! And these are all perfect for BIG/LITTLE gifts!!! My favorite personal touch to my mug is my name printed on the handle. It is so cute and now everyone knows that it's mine! Not that anyone would take it anyway.

Thank you so much to Savannah for making this personalized mug for me! I will use it all the time! Check out her shop at any of the links with in this post or you can just click here>>> SimplyFabs.
And get 10% Off with the Discount code: MoonieMagMalan from January 30th to May 31st 2016. Let me know what you thought in the comments below and have a wonderful day!