Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stay In Touch

We all say it. "Let's keep in touch." But how often does that actually happen. How often do you actually talk to those people that you said that to. I am a really bad texter. I have been since I first got my phone, and I am kind of notorious for it. This affects my keeping in touch with people. It's the easiest form of contact and I am bad at it....Wow. Any way, I am going away and I want to be better at keeping in touch with my friends so here's my plan for doing so.

Send a text. You don't have to do this every day but don't let it surpass a week. I will probably try to do this twice a week.

Write a letter. This is something that you can write and send and it will most likely surprise the receiver and it will be special.

Face time. I would love to do this when there is a special occasion like a birthday or something. It would be one way of being there.

Social Media. Doesn't matter what it is. Me and my roommate send each other pins on Pinterest all the time and Instagram moments are always special.

Thinking of you. When you see something, no matter what it is and you think of someone, share it with them. Doesn't matter how just do it.

Sometimes I get scared that I will be really annoying but I realize that they wouldn't be my friend if we didn't have things that I wanted to share with them. So I shall keep in touch with my friends while I am some where other than school and I hope these tips help. These are things I think all the time, but I often forget to use them because they just fade away into my MIND CLOSET. Don't laugh, it's a real thing. That's a really big reason to why I blog. Then it not only helps me but other people too. Let me know what you thought about how to stay in touch in the comments below and as always have a wonderful day!