Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Moonie-Mag Title

Some of you have probably wondered why I call this blog Moonie-Mag. It's kind of funny. My blog went through a couple of names and looks before I redid everything. First let me explain my first name. Malan, pronounces May-lynn, was my granny's maiden name. It's unique like me and I love it. It's of French descent and it also traces back to Italy. I know that's weird because it doesn't end in a vowel, but I was told we are from this part of France that is right next to Italy and the two countries have even had arguments about weather or not it is French or Italy. So that's my first name.

For my blog, it was originally called Especially Me because I thought that would be cute but I ended up hating it because you have no idea how hard it is to fit that phrase in every post you do. Then I wanted to call it Moonlight and Magnolias. see two of my favorite things in the whole world are the moon and magnolias. Magnolias are my favorite flower and I just love the moon, especially when it is full. The problem with that is, there are a ton of other blogs with that same name. I didn't want a blog that was going to get lost among its name.

So, I decided to modify the phrase a bit and made it Moonie-Mag. It's perfect because the Moonie part sounds a little crazy, which I am and the Mag part makes it sound like a magazine where I am a journalist and a blog is a form or journalism so it just makes sense. It is an odd name but I still love it because some how it describes me better than any other name that I could come up with, besides Malan.

As I progress my blog I like to change and add a lot of different things, but I will never change my name. Moonie-Mag Malan is the perfect name for my blog. So there ya have it. That's my story to my name. I hope you enjoyed and I hope that those of you who were wondering aren't wondering anymore. It's not a real exciting story just a little funny I guess. Really the moon and magnolias make me so happy. I want to be proposed to under the moon and magnolias will be in my wedding!
I even made a T-shirt for my blog once that I really like! It has the moon and a magnolia, obviously, and there is a saying on it that is very appropriate for me: "Laughing at myself!"

Let me know what you think in the comments below and have a wonderful day!