Friday, January 15, 2016

Things I'll Miss Most

So I have taken an opportunity that will allow me to learn new things and gain new experiences. The one sad part is, I will be away from my beautiful campus and lovely friends for a whole semester. Really I haven't seen them since early December and I won't until early August, so it's a lot more than just a semester. It all racks up to about seven and a half months without my friends and family though I have been told people are to come visit. I will miss a lot though while I am gone.

What I will Miss:
The Campus
The People
Phi Lamb
The Small Town
Being able to Walk Everywhere
My Church
My Family
My Friends/Roommates/Sisters
Football(but that happens in fall anyway)
Toomer's Lemonade

What I hope to Gain:
New Friendships
New Memories
More Knowledge of Who I am
Growth and Maturity
New Responsibility

I am excited, terrified, nervous, happy, and so much more. This is not what I expected from getting to live out one of my dreams. I just hope everyone is as happy to see me as I know I will when I see them! Wish me luck on my adventure and I hope you have a wonderful day.