Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Mickey/Minnie Ears!

I have made some of my very own personalized Mickey Ears. Really they are Minnie ears because I added a bow. One of my ears are Peter Pan inspired because he is my favorite character. My second pair are inspired by Auburn because I searched and searched and they haven't been made so I decided to make my own. They are pretty easy and here's how.

You will need some kind of fabric that you like. I used felt for the Peter Pan ears and some leftover cloth I had lying around. Draw circles using a cup on the cloth. You will need to two circles per ear.

You will need some card board to help the ears stay stiff. Make sure you aren't just cutting a circle,but also cutting a place for the head band.

Sew the circles of cloth around the card board and leave some room for padding. Most people use foam but I just used a few tissues in each ear. Sew the ears on to your head band. Then sew the bow. It may take a lot of trial and error to get the ears to stand up straight. I did about three layers of sewing.

Add your details! I used puffy paint for the stars and the "never grow up" and I made a tiny red feather out of a slim piece of card board.