Friday, February 12, 2016

Keep Awake

So I had a day that was exhausting to the point that I wanted to hurt someone.  It was the worst feeling ever. It's that feeling like your sick and you almost want to throw up mixed with utter crankiness.  I was so tired by the end of the day that I knocked straight out. So I have devised a list of things you can do to help keep awake on days like this.




Eating Food


Resting your Eyes


This experience happened while I was checking in for my college program. I had the earliest check in and I hadn't slept well the night before. I did realize though, that I could fake a smile better than anyone and being in Disney probably had something to do with that because I mean let's be real, would you be unhappy with getting to work and live there for six months.

Anyway, I hope that these little tips helped you out in some way and I hope you get a good night's sleep so you don't need to use them. Let me know what you thought of my post in the comments below and as always, have a wonderful day!

P.S All images were found on google images!