Thursday, March 31, 2016

Miracles From Heaven Review

Miracles from Heaven is a Christianity based movie. It is based on the true story of Annabell Beam and her amazing journey with an illness that was incurable until she fell three stories from a tree. In the movie her mother asks the doctor how and why this was possible saying in quite possibly the most powerful line of the whole movie, "You're telling me that his little girl fell thirty feet, hit her head just right, and it didn't killer her and it didn't paralyze her but it healed her?"

This movie is an unbelievable story even for a Christian, but little girls that dream of Paris and enjoy a good book can't just make up one of the most amazing pictures of an untouchable world. This will contain spoilers.

Mr. and Mrs. Beam of Texas have a beautiful home, three beautiful little girls, and plenty of animals to last a life time. "It is a good life" They say to each other at the beginning of this story. A church going family with the support of their community and each other find themselves in a very unexpected time of trouble when their middle daughter starts to throw up in the middle of a night and it takes three trips to the hospital to find out that she has a rare disorder that means she can't digest her food.  This 10 year old goes through terrible stages of insecurities and pain including the pain of loss. While in a hospital in Boston she meets a little girl with cancer who she gives the cross necklace that she has worn around her neck from the beginning of the movie. This is an act of kindness that brings the little girl with cancer some hope and peace in her disease. Her father, who was not a Christian, was slightly offended by this gesture and confronted Anna's mother in the hallway. He was by no means disrespectful, but merely expressed his concern in a false hope. What he didn't realize was the Mrs. Beam was also feeling the presence of hopelessness.  She had stopped going to church because of a few judgemental peers.
There is one day when Anna is back in Texas with the whole family and her older sister asks her to climb and old tree in their yard with her. Anna is hesitant but they climb and they are happy to enjoy the good old times. When a branch starts to break and Anna falls from the tree. This terrifying event reveals Anna to be cured and that she has briefly encountered God and his plans for her. She says they didn't talk using words but that she just knew.

This movie was a risk to make no doubt. There are always going to be people who don't believe or understand the faith, but it is an incredible story that I am glad to have seen. The movie ends with a look into the family that the story is based on. This was an amazing movie tho have been made. I think that the casting was incredible with Jennifer Garner as Mrs. Beam and Martin Henderson as Mr. Beam. Kylie Rogers is the brave little girl to take on the story of Anna Beam and she does an awesome job. She is a good little actress and I can expect a big future from this girl.

This golden movie was directed by Patricia Riggen and is based on the book that was written by Christy Beam herself. For the screenplay they used Randy Brown's adaptation from the book and it turned out magnificent.  I can't say how accurate the book and the movie are to each other because I have never read the book, but I certainly want to now and I will let you all know more when and if I read it.  The music for this movie is contemporary Christian music mostly but there are a few secular pieces thrown in.  All of it fits and works and I loved it all. This movie is beautifully made and it is heartwrenching but necessary.  I loved it. I give this movie a 4.25 out of 5 stars. I recommend it. Let me know what you think in the comments below and have a wonderful day.