Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Roommate Calendar

We have two calendars in our apartment to keep track of everyone's schedule. We have 8 girls in one apartment and it's hard to remember all the different work times. We have two big calendars that we all use communally. You don't really need two calendars but that's just how we ended up.

The first amazing idea for a calendar is a poster frame, something cheap with paint swatches from Home Depot and arrange them so that each person is a different color and do it one week at a time. Use expo markers to write what times you are working for the week. We did a simple rainbow but you could do any color scheme you like.

The other calendar is an office calendar and each person writes their times in a different color. Use the lines to your advantage.

These are great and if we ever need to see what time someone works, we have it hanging on the wall. I hope this helps those of you like me with multiple roommates and I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day.